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Nudge nudge, wink wink…

Kirsten Goodwin | Naked Confidence Coach

Willpower is overrated 🙄

Yes, we can force ourselves to do things we are resistant to doing.

But it’s a lot easier if we find ways to “go with the grain” 💪

In other words, use the powerful self-awareness (that I hope you’re developing!) to recognise what kinds of actions, behaviours or environment HELP us to achieve our goals 😄

This week I used the idea of “nudges” with a client.

(I thought I’d made it up, but it turns out “nudge theory” is a recognised concept in behavioural economics 😂   Apparently there are even “nudge units” in the UK, US, World Bank, UN, European Commission…)

The question is, how can you – knowing yourself better than anyone else – set yourself up for success as best as possible with small actions or changes to your environment 🤔

So for example, if you have a big piece of work you want to deliver, and you’re struggling to get down to it…

👉 If you always end up doing the washing/ cleaning the windows rather than getting started, don’t work from home!  Go into the office, or go to a café instead where those distractions don’t exist.

👉 If you are distracted by your email first thing in the morning, shut it down the night before and leave your project open instead.

👉 If you find it difficult to tackle something without having the pressure of an imminent deadline, create one!  Book a draft review with your boss.

All of these actions do still take a certain amount of willpower – but by nudging yourself towards the action you want to take, you are much more likely to achieve it 😊💪

Nudges can be anything – an action, a reminder, an alarm, a meeting.  And what makes an effective nudge will differ between people.

So this week, have a think about a goal you want to achieve, and then consider what you can do to NUDGE yourself towards it 🤔

If it’s good enough for the UN… 😉 

Wishing you a positive, productive, and NUDGE-filled week! 😄🔥💪  

with much love 😊🧡

Kirsten xx

Kirsten Goodwin

The Naked Confidence™ Coach

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