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Kirsten Goodwin | Naked Confidence Coach

Have you watched Jaws? 🦈

Debra Searle had.

So when she was rowing single-handed across the Atlantic, circled by sharks bigger than her boat, she was understandably scared.

Any second she expected a terrifying crunch as the shark attacked the boat, before moving in on her… 😱

She told this story at a fabulous awards event I hosted this week, celebrating the 100 highest-performing employees across a huge global organisation 🏆🎉

But she also talked about how she turned this fear to her advantage 💪

On the bad days – and there were many during her nearly 4 month journey – she created a tool to help her through:

The “How Bad Is It Really?” Scale

➡️ At 1, the top end, was arriving safely in Barbados.

➡️ At the other end, 10, was her greatest fear – hearing that crunch as the shark attacked.

➡️ 9 was a hole in the boat…

➡️ At 8, running out of food and water…

And what she discovered was, however bad she felt at that moment (and things got pretty bad mid-hurricane in the middle of the night after 1 hour’s sleep)

– she still ended up at least a 6, usually a 5 on the scale.

When she put things into TRUE perspective, they were not as bad as she feared 🧡

This story really struck a chord with me – during all the family health issues we’ve had over the summer, I found myself sinking into catastrophic thinking on more than one occasion 😔

Remembering that now is all we have was, and continues to be, very helpful (as I’ve mentioned in these emails before) 😊✨

And I’ve found this such a brilliant addition! 😄

In my “now” – this moment, which is our true reality – these things that have been distressing me are NOT a 10 on my version off this scale. They’re not even a 7. Actually, they’re probably a 3 or a 4.

I can deal with that! And I can also be very grateful that they’re not lower 🙏

That helps me remind myself: right now, things are ok 🧡

Which quietens that catastrophic voice, reduces the fear – and enables me to keep moving forward in the best way possible for the task, and my mental health.

Why not try creating your own scale? 🤔

I know there are people really suffering out there, so everyone’s scale will be different.

But having a way to bring some perspective will I hope be helpful.

I know it’s helped me 🥰

Wishing you a positive, productive, and GOOD ON THE SCALE-filled week! 😄🔥💪  

with much love, as ever 😊🧡

Kirsten xx

Kirsten Goodwin

The Naked Confidence™ Coach

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